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A Word About the Women’s Spiritual Retreat

Connecting Beyond Sunday: Women’s Spiritual Retreat
March 10-11, 2018: Eaglewood Resort & Spa

Connecting Beyond Sunday. When the committee of women from several different ministries set out to plan a retreat, we had an idea of direction, but it was only through meeting together on regular basis, brainstorming, and many emails flying back and forth that we honed the theme. Some of the overall theme came from the survey you may have taken earlier this winter. And I think some of the direction also came from getting to know each other better and our individual hopes for this retreat. Our planning committee has honed the idea of authentic connections in these months of volunteering and working together and we are so excited to bring you a fresh and engaging retreat to start your 2018 strong.

We are thrilled to be bringing in the fabulous Rev. Melissa Riley, Associate Minister for Pastoral Care from First Congregational UCC church in Glen Ellyn, as our main speaker. If her name sounds familiar, she was our seminar intern a couple of years ago. You may have also heard her speaking at our church this past summer! She has been a wellspring of help and an incredible resource for us in our retreat planning.

During this day (and optional overnight), we are all looking forward to getting to know each other better, beyond a hi on Sunday morning. The three breakout sessions during the day all focus on authentic connections; with ourselves, each other, and our faith. Group moderators from our congregation have been busy at work creating sessions, crafting discussions, and building an engaging experience for you.

For those who are also staying overnight Saturday night, we’re looking forward to dinner together, and signups for a variety of less structured and more relaxed evening activities. It will be a break from the busy day and a chance for more informal conversation around a pool, doing evening yoga, maybe even bowling. I highly recommend the overnight stay if you are able. It will make for a rich experience.

If you haven’t been to a retreat before and aren’t sure what to expect, I encourage you to sign up. There are many people who would love to get to know you better “Beyond Sunday” and hear your ideas and reflections. Bring yourself, bring a friend, and join us as we take a day to renew and nurture our spirits together.

View the flyer and registration here.

Catherine Ross

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