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A Word from Community Life

It somehow seems very fitting that we celebrated Caring Sunday this past week at our church, just one week after our annual meeting. Witnessing the many members who showed up to our town hall and annual meeting, hearing the impassioned voices, and seeing so many people step up to fill a need on our ministries is certainly testament to how deeply our members care about our church, and perhaps that makes it easier to ask all of you to commit on Caring Sunday to helping your fellow congregants.

Many of us who are long time members have directly benefited from the Care Team at some point in our lives: talking to a Stephen Minister, receiving meals after a new baby, or finding a ride to the doctor when we’re laid up. However, some of us feel awkward asking for help, or strange about sharing our troubles with someone we don’t know well. At its heart, though, a church is a family, and our goal in Community Life is to continue to foster those bonds, not just when times are tough, but throughout the year. We may not always need a meal or a hospital visit, but we all need a friendly smile and a warm welcome. A big part of the reason we strive to have Coffee Hour every Sunday (don’t forget to sign up to help at: is so our members have a chance to connect outside of service.

Sometimes we’re so busy, though, and happy and eager to see our church friends and catch up on the latest, that we don’t notice the new member standing alone, or even the long-time member who looks troubled. Sometimes it’s hard to forge those deeper bonds, or to respond honestly to an offhand “How are you?” We’ve tried lots of different ways to bring our members together over the years: changing up seats during Worship, enjoying meals together, sharing fellowship, prayer and books, or just taking the time to stop, smile, and truly listen to someone during Coffee Hour. Unfortunately, though, we know that there are probably still many Sundays when someone leaves our building feeling lonely or alone, disconnected or discouraged.

As your Community Life Ministry, we would love to hear your feedback and ideas on how to increase our connections. Would you like more dinners out? A Sunday afternoon or Tuesday evening outing to see a play? Some fun get-to-know you activities during Coffee Hour? How can we make you feel welcome and get to know you better, even if you’ve been worshipping with us for a long time?

Let us know your thoughts, at

Theresa Hus, Co-Chair
Community Life Ministry

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