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A Word from the Christian Education Ministry

The Christian Education (CE) Ministry is looking forward to a great start to the upcoming school year!

Volunteers will be painting the Sunday School rooms this summer to brighten up the space. Everyone will then be invited to a special Blessing of the Sunday School rooms, children, and volunteers in the fall.

Sunday School teachers, Junior and Senior High School coordinators, and Joyful Sound volunteers will begin the next school year on September 10 with a kick-off meeting before the first day of Sunday School. Denise Majewski, our CE Coordinator, will continue to distribute a monthly calendar to CE volunteers so that everyone knows when they will be teaching, and what activities will be taking place each month.

This year, the CE Ministry has a goal of increasing engagement of the entire church community with CE. In addition to annual favorites – Christmas Pageant, Super Bowl Sub Sunday and St. Patrick’s Day Lunch Fundraisers – there are some new activities in the works this year, as well. The CE Ministry will be organizing fall and spring Children’s Art Festivals at Coffee Hour to display art that the children create in Sunday School. There will also be a Bingo Potluck after church in the winter, to which everyone will be invited.

The CE Ministry also plans to create quarterly newsletters for the congregation to keep everyone informed about the latest CE news. These newsletters will be distributed in the Sunday bulletins beginning in the fall, and will include topics such as “Meet the CE Volunteer Teachers and Coordinators,” donation requests, and upcoming activities.

Many thanks to those who have volunteered their time and talent to Christian Education already this year, as well as to everyone who plans to volunteer this summer and the upcoming school year!

Haley Wilson, Chair
Christian Education Ministry

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