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A Word from the Community Life Ministry

Welcome to summer! As a parent of school-aged children, I find that summer is a wonderful break from the pressures of the school year— early mornings, homework, and extra-curricular activities. I appreciate the time to relax more, connect more, and play more with my family. Our Community Life Ministry has planned some activities this summer to help us all spend some relaxing time with one another—see below for more information on the theater outings and dinners. We hope many of you will join us!

Our church is known for being welcoming to all—it is often given as a reason folks want to join our community. Our Community Life ministry wants to support this openhearted attitude by identifying strategies to tangibly communicate and convey our welcome to everyone who enters our doors. We have been discussing ways to make sure we are supporting first-time visitors, regular visitors, new members, long-term members, and everyone in between! We are working on a “Welcoming Initiative” and would love to hear ideas on how you knew you were welcomed at FCC. We are exploring all aspects of our church (e.g., printed information, website, Interested and New Member Supports, our Caring Ministry, Greeters, Coffee Hour, etc.) and will be implementing some small changes to ensure we are clearly communicating our welcome. If you have any suggestions or feedback, please reach out to the Community Life Ministry (community-life-chair @

One more thing—if you have not ventured into the Community Room after the Sunday morning worship service, please consider joining us one Sunday this summer. Lots of friendly faces are there each week and, as a bonus, there are cookies! We’d like to thank all of the congregation members who have volunteered to host Coffee Hour this year (and a special thanks to Jim Fancher who has helped so many times!). It is one of the primary functions of the Community Life Ministry, and we could not do it without all of you.

Looking forward to seeing you all at Coffee Hour, a summer play, or a dinner out soon!

Lee Ann Huang, Co-Chair
Community Life Ministry


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