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A Word from the Community Life Ministry

When I reflect on this season of Advent, my feelings are mixed. I treasure the quiet moments, the reflection, and the meditation leading up to Christmas, but I also feel a little overwhelmed by the excitement, the chaos, and the preparation. Sometimes it seems that Advent and Christmas have two entirely different personalities, but this year, I am focused on one trait that they both share. They are both a time of welcome – when God welcomes us into His kingdom by sending us His Son – and when we prepare to welcome God into our hearts. It’s a time many of us feel especially called to welcome others as well.

Whether we are welcoming family and friends into our home to celebrate, welcoming visitors at our church, or welcoming strangers in need through PADS or our Giving Tree, I think many of us feel the call to demonstrate God’s extravagant welcome in our family and our community. That’s one of the reasons the Community Life team felt that it was especially important to have a Welcome Table at our Fellowship Time in December. We know that some of us may have lost a loved one recently and not be feeling in the holiday spirt. Others may be new to town, new to our church, or estranged or distant from family. Even when we feel a spiritual connection and calling in service, we may still yearn for a human connection afterwards.  The Community Life team wants every single member, visitor, and friend of our church to know how welcome they truly are, and how happy we are that they’ve chosen to spend their Sunday with us.

So this year, come to Coffee Hour, grab a Christmas cookie and a hot beverage, and stop by the Welcome Table to say hello. It’s Advent; we will be waiting.

Theresa Hus, Co-chair
Community Life Ministry

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