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A Word from the Missions and Social Action Ministry

Well, your generosity helped us exceed our expectations!

I had mentioned last year that we wanted to help settle and befriend one refugee from Syria. In partnership with World Relief and your generous donations, we have been able to help two families.

Our two Good Neighbor Teams have been tirelessly working since December to help the families navigate settling in a new country. They are helping the families learn English and even tutoring in math. They have provided transportation to countless doctor and dental appointments, both in this area and in Chicago. They helped open bank accounts and assisted with grocery shopping and trips to the food pantry, since most of the packaging is written in English.  A huge highlight was a trip to Chicago for a day at the Field Museum. New experiences for all involved. We are hoping as the weather improves we will be able to show the families Brookfield Zoo, Morton Arboretum, and of course, Sears/Willis tower. Maybe even take in a few baseball games!

The teams have worked hard to become friends with the families. Language is a barrier, yet Google Translate helps, and there has been assistance from friends who are able to translate, as well.  It has been an adventure that each teammate has undertaken without complaint.

So, the next time you see Bekky and Karina Gougis, Tina, Mikayla and Jenna Giehler, Doreen Schweitzer, Bev Parker, Sandra Banas, Susan Greenwood, Susan McNeal Bulak, Michele, Andy, Everett and Lorelei Day, Pat Swindle, Gene Wollaston, Betty Robson, Diane and Bill Herr, please thank them for being the epitome of what God meant by loving your neighbor and having a selfless concern for their complete well-being. Also, take time to look in the mirror and THANK YOURSELF, too! Without your donations and encouragement, we would never have had the courage to undertake this adventure!

Go out and make this a Blessed day!

Tanya Lyonsford, Chairperson
Missions and Social Action Ministry

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