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A Word from the Missions and Social Action Ministry

Your Missions and Social Action team is always looking for ways to spread God’s message of love and justice. We want to be your voice and ensure that your donations have the most impact.

One program we have that we never really talk about is “Growing Our Own.” It’s an initiative we have to encourage and support our youth as they continue their faith journey.

Allison Trezona has been involved in many programs, and your MSA has gladly donated to them to show our support for her. Below is a statement about Allison and the work she is doing.

Allison Trezona graduated from college this spring and is committing this next year to service in the United Kingdom. She is working through a Lutheran program called Young Adults in Global Mission, that provides young Americans the opportunity to gain perspective from international service work. Allison will likely work for a church in Wolverhampton, where she will lead youth programs within the church and outreach programs in the surrounding area focused on youth resiliency. The program expects volunteers to each fundraise $5,000 (1/3 of the total cost for the year).

Our Missions and Social Action Committee voted to donate to this cause in effort to support our young people in doing God’s work. As a church, we have supported Allison’s past public health volunteer work in Honduras, and wish to continue to support all our youth in global mission work. While Allison is working in Colorado and cannot be here to personally thank everyone, she wants our church to know that she deeply appreciates the support from the place that grounds her faith.

We are hoping to have Allison speak to the congregation when she returns to the area in August 2018.

With your continued generous donations, we are hoping to expand our program and encourage more of our youth to spread God’s message of love and justice.

Tanya Lyonsford, Chair
Missions and Social Action

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