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A Word from the Trustees Ministry

During the past year, the Trustees Ministry continued to improve our procedures for oversight of the church’s governance, finances, and buildings and grounds.

We successfully onboarded our church’s new bookkeeper, Kathy Clolinger, and oversaw a projected budget deficit turn into an end-of-year surplus, thanks to the generosity of our church membership and the judicious use of funds by our ministries.

This past year, we also implemented a new system for counting plate collections – thank you for the many non-trustees who have assisted trustees with this project this year.

In addition to handling lighting and other building and grounds issues, we also carefully deliberated over several options for enhancing our building’s access control system. After much work, especially by Ann Montgomery and Pete Fales, we settled on a contractor that will install a new key-card entry system for the building. Key cards will be centrally programmed in the church office, and each card can be programmed for different access privileges, for example, only certain days of the week. If a card is lost, it can be instantly deactivated, enhancing security for the community. Expect to hear more about our new system in the coming weeks, as we target installation for this month.

Moving forward, we anticipate hiring an outside firm to audit our church’s finances in the coming year. We also anticipate looking at options for dealing with the aging (and now leaking) sanctuary roof.

If you are interested in volunteering to help our ministry, please reach out to me!

Ian Holzhauer, Chair
Trustees Ministry

A Word from the Trustees Ministry

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