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A Word from the Worship Ministry

Warm summer greetings from the Worship Ministry team.

One function of the Worship Ministry is to coordinate the myriad segments which lead to a smoothly-running and spiritual worship service. Community Life does a wonderful job ensuring that worshipers are greeted as they enter the church. Once they pass through the doors into the sanctuary, the Worship Ministry takes over.

Think about your Sunday morning experience. An usher hands you a program.  The sound system gurus make sure that microphones are in place and operational.  Liturgists, scripture readers, choir or special musicians, and Rev. Mark are all preparing for their role. On communion Sundays, the elements are prepared and on the communion table. Our organist settles the congregation with the prelude. None of this happens by chance.  Christopher Lorimer handles all the musical aspects.  The Ushers, liturgists, scripture readers, communion servers, children’s sermon presenters — each of these roles is scheduled through some method of sign-up.

There is one important part of our worship experience that I did not mention.  As you sit in the pew and look around, you will see flowers on the altar, paraments and banners for the appropriate liturgical season adorning the communion table, pulpit and walls, candles lit, Bibles in the pews, hymnals in their racks, and friendship pads ready to be filled out  – you see a sanctuary prepared for worship.  I realize that I have always taken that for granted.  Over many years, a paltry few individuals have completed these tasks.  We want to remedy that, and to schedule care of the sanctuary as we have every other facet of our service.

These tasks are not difficult nor time consuming, and not all need to be done on Sunday morning.  We are developing two groups to share in this work. One team will come in late Saturday afternoon to tidy the sanctuary, straighten Bibles, hymnals and friendship pads, and fill the candles with oil.  The second team will handle the Sunday duties of uncovering and recovering the chairs and piano, moving the flowers, providing water in the pulpit, etc.

Will you consider being part of the group that continues to care for this lovely, historical sanctuary?  We already have the beginnings of the two teams in place, so yours would not be the first and only name on the list!  We will likely try to have each person/family take responsibility for one Sunday a month (or every other month, should we have enough volunteers).  Please contact me if you are willing to help, or if you have further questions.

And always, if you have comments or thoughts about the worship experience, or if you have interest in involvement in some area of worship, please speak to any member of the ministry.

See you as we worship in community!

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