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A Word from the Worship Ministry

Over the past few months, and particularly these last weeks, the Stewardship ministry has done a wonderful job of reminding us how our church makes a difference – in our lives and in the world.  Hopefully all who are able have made their pledge. But this month’s article comes from the Worship ministry.  We challenge you to evaluate how you can make a difference in our worship experience.

Now, I recognize that each person makes a difference to our worship experience each week.  Be it through a hearty welcome to a newcomer, exuberant singing, lifting up a person or issue in prayer, joyfully sharing an offering, introspective or shared pondering of the message of the sermon – everyone brings a unique gift to worship. Please think, though, about the other ways your time and talents might make a difference. Do you have an interest in music?  The multiple choirs and instrumental groups would welcome you.  Are you able and willing to help in the service?  The Liturgists and Scripture Readers always has openings and allows you to participate as your schedule allows. The same holds true for Communion Servers and for offering Children’s Sermons.  Seeking for a way to channel your inner artist? The Arts in Worship group would benefit from your thoughts and ideas.

Two areas within the Worship Ministry currently have an immediate need for more active participation, however. The first is for ushers – both for people to serve as head usher for a given Sunday, as well as for people to assist. The second is for people to help with the care of the sanctuary – making sure the church is physically ready for Sunday worship. These are not difficult tasks to learn and do not take a large time commitment, but are vital to a smooth and welcoming service.

So how can you make a difference?  By being open to participating in some particular aspect of worship. How do you begin? Below is a list the appropriate people to contact – or feel free to contact me with any questions you might have.

Will you accept the challenge to make a difference by participating more fully in our worship experience?  In whichever way you may choose to do that, we are grateful and everyone will be blessed by your involvement!

Music groups:

Liturgists/Scripture Readers:

Communion servers:

Children’s Sermons:

Arts in Worship:


Sanctuary Care:

On behalf of the Worship ministry,
Joan Lausier

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