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Advancing God’s Love and Justice

Greetings friends,
As people come and go, and as things change with technology, it’s helpful to have a periodic refresher on the various ways we communicate with each other and how they can be used. In particular, I want to talk a little about First Congregational’s social media options.

On Facebook, there are two doorways, if you will, to interacting with church. First, there’s the Facebook “group.” This functions as a sort of community bulletin board, which you have to “join” to be a part of it. Any members of the group can post, comment, like, etc., so we do have admins who monitor who gets in. (You have to have some relationship with the church, whether you’re a current or former member, for example. We don’t want people to use this group to sell things.) The Facebook group is the perfect place to post things you want other church folks to know about—whether it’s events nearby, questions, or articles you think are worth discussing. (It’s also where I occasionally poll folks about various things, such as currently, I’m asking for thoughts on potential options for my Wednesday night Lenten class! So get in there and vote!)

Second, there is also the Facebook “page.” The page is where the Church posts for itself, and if you want to follow the page, you have to “like” it. We share general announcements through the page, such as special events coming up, or sometimes posts from the United Church of Christ, responses to various world events, or posts from one of our partners that we think is relevant or interesting.

I recommend that you both “join” the group, and “like” the page to stay in the loop on Facebook!

If you’re a Twitter person, you can also follow us on Twitter @fccuccnaper. We don’t post quite as much there, but it is there.

For me personally, I am active on Facebook and Twitter. My Twitter handle is @liberalbeliever. I accept Facebook friend requests from everyone at church, but don’t send requests, so as not to put people in the awkward position of having to say “no” to their pastor if they want to. But if you want to send me a request, I’ll be happy to accept!

(I hasten to add, even if we’re Facebook friends, I may miss your posts, and as much as I’d like to be able to sometimes, I can’t read people’s minds. So if there’s something you think I should know about, please don’t rely on a Facebook status update to do the trick. It’s always best to email/call/text/direct message me.)

Thanks everyone!

Grace and peace,

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