Council of Ministries

The Council of Ministries consists of the elected officers, the pastors, the previous moderator (for one year following his or her term), the designated future moderator, and representatives for the Core Ministries. Representatives of other groups or individual members may attend council meetings and bring items to the moderator for council discussion.

Below is a listing of the ministries and officer duties.

Moderator – Chairs Congregational and Council of Ministries meetings. Also handles the Pastoral Relations Committee and other feedback from the congregational members.

Treasurer – The treasurer is responsible as the custodian of deeds, titles, insurance policies and related items pertaining to the church. The treasurer works closely with the bookkeeper and is responsible to the Trustee Ministry, to track and report on the congregation’s financial status.

Secretary – Takes minutes for congregational business meetings and Council of Ministries meetings.

Christian Education Ministry – Selects curricula and recruits teachers, oversees nursery and youth ministry, oversee the Adult Education group.

Community Life Ministry – Organizes and encourages community-building events (meals, coffee hour, etc.), coordinates work of some congregational organizations.

Missions and Social Action Ministry – Provides financial help to those in need, educates the congregation about the needs and issues it is working to address, encourages the congregation to become involved in addressing these needs and issues, provides direction and support to those in the congregation who coordinate activities to address these needs and issues. The Ministry seeks to support the weak and help the afflicted while honoring all people. A few highlights: Support a Refugee Family, Green Team

Stewardship Ministry – Educates congregation about stewardship of time, money and talents, coordinates annual stewardship campaign. Click here for the uplifting quotes from our most recent campaign “Making a Difference”.

Trustees Ministry – Responsible for personnel, building and grounds, and financial management.

Worship Ministry – The Worship Ministry is responsible for fulfilling the following from our church vision statement: to hold worship services…that refresh us, engage us, and enable us to go out into the world to do God’s work, while serving others. And from the mission statement: to affirm God’s presence in our midst and in the world. The Worship Ministry is responsible for worship planning, communion, special services, the music program, ushers, greeters and liturgists.

Council Member at Large – Chosen from congregation, individual typically is not a member of a core ministry.

Registrar – Responsible for creating and preserving the official documents of the church including bylaws, membership lists, official reports, minutes, employee list and core ministries list.

Council Executive Committee

The Executive Committee is empowered to act for the Council of Ministries between Council Meetings. They also help set the agenda for Council Meetings.

Other lay leadership

Delegates – Represent the congregation at Fox Valley Association and Illinois Conference meetings. Represented us at the UCC General Synod. Delegates are not members of Council but are empowered to vote representing the church at the greater UCC meetings.