Our congregation began worshiping together in 1832. On July 13, 1833, the Rev. Jeremiah Porter served communion under the branches of a large oak tree on the banks of the DuPage River, which inspired the logo you see on this site. Our church is the oldest organized church in DuPage county, the second Congregational church in Illinois and has been on its present site since 1846.

The church became part of the United Church of Christ (UCC) in 1961. We celebrated our 175th Anniversary in 2008.

Our congregation has a history of social justice activism. First Congregational Church has a history of being on the leading edge of social justice both in words and deeds beginning with the abolitionist movement and the underground railroad. More recently our focus has been in the areas of Reducing Gun Violence, Justice and Peace in Palestine and Israel, Welcoming GLBTQ people and Marriage Equality, Immigration Justice Issues and Homelessness.