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Electronics: We’ll recycle more than just computers, printers and monitors! Start gathering all things electronic including hair dryers, power tools, even blenders, mixers, and lamps; toasters and old electronics cords. We’re asking for a free-will cash donation with 100% of proceeds going to the City of Naperville’s Renewable Energy Program. Do you need to recycle CRTs, flat screens, and projection TVs? The City of Naperville charges to recycle these items. An under 21-inch screen is $25 per unit; and a 21-inch screen and over is $35 per unit. Cash only for these items. Need help bringing them in? Contact Tom Farthing or Pete Fales and we’ll try and pick them up at your house.

Styrofoam & Food Staples: In addition to Styrofoam we recycle bubble wrap, thin Styrofoam sheets, egg cartons, and, of course, Styrofoam peanuts. Food staples most needed by West Suburban Food Community include: canned tuna and chicken, peanut butter, canned beans (pinto, baked, garbanzo), spices and oil; whole grains (oats, cereal, quinoa); rice (white or brown); pasta, canned fruits and vegetables, and salad dressing. Toilet paper is also appreciated. To volunteer please contact Susan Greenwood.Save that Holiday Styrofoam! – Get rid of that holiday Styrofoam on Sunday and Monday, Jan. 14 and 15, 2024 from 11 am to 1 pm.  In addition to Styrofoam we also recycle bubble wrap, thin Styrofoam sheets, egg cartons, and of course Styrofoam peanuts. These items need to be separated from the regular Styrofoam since they go to different donors. As always, volunteers are needed to help with the collection and also to drive Styrofoam to Dart Industries in North Aurora. It really is a fun opportunity especially flinging bags of Styrofoam into the collection areas.  They’re very very light so getting any distance is a trick. To volunteer please contact Susan Greenwood.

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