What has changed

As it has done with every other aspect of life in 2020, the Covid-19 pandemic also has significantly impacted First Congregational UCC Naperville.

All in-person activities are cancelled. Worship, meetings, and programming are all happening online, either through Facebook Live or by Zoom. Staff are still available by email and phone, but the building is closed to visitors and programs. Sign up for our email newsletter to keep on top of the latest information.

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What has not changed

What has not changed: The church is not a building, it’s people! We are connecting with one another through shared online worship, a people tree (phone, text, email), caring ministries, and missions and social actions to support food drives and recycling efforts. Our Christian Education Ministry is still reaching out to families and children, providing resources and connections. We are still committed to our mission to welcome all and spread Christ’s radical message of love and justice—from a safe social distance!