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  • Advancing God’s Love and Justice

    Greetings Friends, I wanted to make sure you all know what’s happening in the upcoming week for special Advent and Christmas Eve services. First, our annual Christmas Pageant is this coming Sunday, December 17 at our normal worship time, 10:00 a.m. Our fearless director, Cheryl Newman has, as usual, outdone herself, and

  • A Word from the Community Life Ministry

    When I reflect on this season of Advent, my feelings are mixed. I treasure the quiet moments, the reflection, and the meditation leading up to Christmas, but I also feel a little overwhelmed by the excitement, the chaos, and the preparation. Sometimes it seems that Advent and Christmas have two

  • Advancing God’s Love and Justice

    Greeting friends, Lent and Advent are the two prominent seasons of the church year. A lot of people are used to doing something different during Lent—giving something up, or taking on a spiritual practice of some sort. But during Advent, I think we’re often too busy getting ready for Christmas