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  • The Garden of Life

    Our garden at home is blooming and looks absolutely beautiful. My wife, Rebecca, is the gardener and I take no credit. We have purple cornflowers, lilies, black-eyed Susans, hyacinth, and a whole bunch of other plants that I can’t identify. She plants so that in the early spring we have

  • A Word from the Missions and Social Action Ministry

    When we become Christians, we become part of a larger Christian community throughout the world. Part of what it means to be part of a worldwide community of faith is to support one another in times of need. We have all heard of the racially fueled violence that has caused

  • The Edge of The Cliff

    Friends, We started this month with an article about the mission and service of our Rainbow Connection ministry, so it seems only fitting to conclude this month with the celebration of the Supreme Court’s recognition of marriage equality for all individuals nationwide. If you weren’t here on Pride Sunday, you