• Pastor’s Notes

    Advancing God’s Love and Justice Greetings Friends, If you’re a regular Leaflet reader, you read the note about my upcoming sabbatical a couple of weeks ago. Our moderator, Donna DeSpain, wanted to get the word out so we could all start thinking together about it. I don’t want to forget

  • A Word From Our Worship Ministry

    Adult Sunday School has to be one of the best kept secrets at our church. At least it seems that way to those of us who attend. The same ten or so people show up Sunday after Sunday forming what might look to some like an exclusive club. It isn’t

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    Stewardship Season

    Greetings friends, It’s October again – trees turning colors, apple cider, Halloween, cooler temperatures, and everyone’s favorite: Stewardship season! I know most church folks look forward to October about as much as Cub fans do, but I really do love it. This is the time of year when we focus