Worship: 10:00 AM, Sunday School (Pre-K to Grade 5): 10:15 AM, Child Care Available: 9:30-11:30 AM


  • What YOU Can Do To Help the Earth

    Throughout June, the Green Team hopes we will strengthen their green awareness through a series of activities. Help Grow Our Green Tree: For every green activity completed during June, members are asked to write their achievement on a leaf and put it on the Green Tree in the Community Room.

  • A Word from the Stewardship Ministry

    Growing Hearts & Minds: This is the guiding theme of Stewardship to inspire us in the months ahead. Yes, it’s June with the anticipation of lazy summer days. Would it surprise you then to learn that your Stewardship ministry is already thinking about fall? Probably not, for you know that

  • Advancing God’s Love and Justice

    Greetings Friends, Several weeks ago, I was really excited about rolling over 100,000 miles in our minivan. We got it used, so not all of those miles were ours, but still; it was kind of a momentous occasion. Then I took it in for it’s regular oil change, and the