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  • A Word from the Community Life Ministry

    When I reflect on this season of Advent, my feelings are mixed. I treasure the quiet moments, the reflection, and the meditation leading up to Christmas, but I also feel a little overwhelmed by the excitement, the chaos, and the preparation. Sometimes it seems that Advent and Christmas have two

  • Advancing God’s Love and Justice

    Greeting friends, Lent and Advent are the two prominent seasons of the church year. A lot of people are used to doing something different during Lent—giving something up, or taking on a spiritual practice of some sort. But during Advent, I think we’re often too busy getting ready for Christmas

  • Advancing God’s Love and Justice

    Greetings friends, There is a bit of consternation in my social media feed about when it is permissible to decorate for Christmas. I have always been a staunch defender of waiting until after Thanksgiving. I don’t want to be sick of Christmas carols before Christmas actually gets here! But more