You Are Welcome Here – Truly

Support for the LGBTQIA+ community has been a priority for First Congregational for decades, and we have officially been an Open and Affirming congregation since 1997. We treasure the sexual and gender diversity of our church family, and include everyone at all levels of participation.

A History of Inclusion

From marching in local Pride parades to hosting Youth Outlook since 1998, calling an openly lesbian associate pastor in 2005 (Rev. Katie Morrison), and participating in our first blessing of a gender transition in 2019, we put our inclusive and social-justice-oriented faith into action.

“One thing I think we must do as Christians, I do right now and apologize from the depths of my heart and soul to every one here who has felt that sting of rejection from Christians. I am so very sorry that you have suffered and still hurt. If I could pour healing oil onto those gaping wounds, I would, but I can only stand here and point to Christ, who knows what you feel, because he was sorely rejected and betrayed by those of his own faith. He can be that healing oil for you too.”

– Eva-Genevieve! Scarborough, transgender Christian activist and member of First Congregational UCC