Sandra Banas
John Klein-Collins
Bev Parker
Lori Bush Shepard
Anne Swanson
Gene Wollaston

At our meeting on May 16, The FCC Council of Ministries voted unanimously to approve the Permanent Search Committee candidates presented by the Exec Team. The six members who agreed to be part of the team represent a cross-section of our church. They joined First Congregational in almost every decade from the 70s to just a few years ago. They are single or married, with no kids, young kids, grown kids, and grandkids. They come from different professions with a variety of strengths that will benefit the committee. Some have decades of experience with hiring and leading teams, which will help us with the logistics and legalities of the search process, while others have been part of pastoral search committees in the past. Most of all, though, they fulfill the criteria and guidelines set forth by the UCC:

• Strong commitment to our local church and the United Church of Christ;
• Positive and welcoming attitude
• Capacity to approach the task with openness rather than a pre-determined agenda
• A sense of integrity and respect for others
• Ability to be absolutely confidential
• Capacity to listen, to participate in a group, and to come to a consensus.

The permanent search committee had its kickoff meeting on May 22nd and will meet weekly throughout the summer. We are grateful to these members, who are willing to give so much of their time and energy to this process. You will be hearing more from them over the next few months, and you can reach them directly at